Core Values

(1) Safety

Safety is extremely important to us and we will always ensure that all flights are facilitated and conducted in the safest way possible. We also work closely with the local and national authorities and other relevant third parties to promote a culture of safety while flightsharing.

(2) Integrity

Integrity is an essential part of Volant Airís culture and we always strive to do what is right and fair, regardless of the circumstances. We are honest and transparent in all of our interactions with customers, business partners and other relevant third parties, and we always keep our word and deliver on our promises.

(3) Customer centric

Customers are the lifeblood of our business. We always aim to understand our customersí needs and challenges when it comes to flight sharing, and are constantly thinking of ways to improve the overall customer experience for both passengers and pilots.

(4) Constant improvement

We firmly believe that continual learning and improvement is crucial in ensuring the long term success of Volant Air. As a result, we are continuously learning from our customers, employees, business partners, competitors as well as others, and constantly improving the way we run our business.

(5) Spirit of adventure

We are passionate about flight sharing and the enormous potential it has to make private aviation accessible for everyone. We want to promote the spirit of adventure and discovery that flight sharing brings to as many people as possible, and we aim to build a growing trusted community where people can come together and enjoy this new way of flying.

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